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What are Bumper Balls?

 Bumper Balls are your childhood dreams come true. Imagine playing some of your favorite games and sports with a twist. When you fall, you'll simply bounce back up! Theres no end to the fun you'll have! Run, Bump, Bounce, Repeat!

Bumper balls are a fun easy activity that everyone will love and no one will forget!

Perfect for 

  • FHE

  • Family reunions

  • School/ Work parties

  • Date night 

  • Birthdays

  • Any excuse to have fun, we'll take it!

Let's make a play date

You're interested, we are interested. Let's make it official! Head to our bookings tab to see prices and send a request. Once approved come back to sign the waivers and your good to go!

Our number one job is to make sure you guys have a fun, easy and enjoyable time. Our team will provide everything you need to throw an unforgettable party. ​

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